« Nous connectons le Camerounais au haut débit en 1h »

Le président directeur général de GoSat explique ici le choix des régions de l’Ouest et du Littoral, non sans dévoiler sa stratégie de déploiement au Cameroun. Pourquoi avoir choisi les régions du Littoral et de l’Ouest pour lancer vos activités ? Aujourd’hui, le satellite qui est lancé par nos partenaires a son épicentre plutôt au […]


GoSat mis à l’épreuve : Ne manquez pas cela !

L’année 2017 marque un tournant dans l’histoire des télécommunications Camerounaise. En effet, à partir d’aujourd’hui une connexion internet de qualité ne sera plus un privilège. Grâce à l’avancée des technologies satellitaires offrant des connexions internet de très très haut-débit, Afrikanet a le plaisir de vous présenter, en partenariat avec Konnect Africa, son nouveau produit : GoSat. […]


Afrikanet unveils…GoSat! Our new solution to “Bring Africa worldwide”!

Born from the partnership between Afrikanet and Konnect Africa, we are happy to introduce you our new product, GoSat – using the brand new technology HTS allowing connexion speed 20 times faster than the existing technologies. Our brand new technology will soon be available starting with Cameroon and then expanding to the sub-Saharan Africa by […]

EUTELSAT, Cape Town, 14 November 2016.

Eutelsat unveils ‘KONNECT AFRICA’ brand for satellite broadband venture

A new identity for Eutelsat’s satellite broadband venture in advance of commercial launch of services in 2017 Cape Town, Paris, 15 November 2016 – Today’s launch at the Africacom event of the ‘Konnect Africa’ brand by Eutelsat Communications (NYSE Euronext Paris: ETL) marks a change in scope of the ‘Broadband for Africa’ venture set up […]

Konnect Africa set to reshape the satellite broadband industry

Konnect Africa set to reshape the satellite broadband industry

London, 6th June 2017 – With new-generation services starting today in Benin, Cameroon, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Uganda, Konnect Africa is confirming its bold ambitions for Sub-Saharan Africa. The company’s innovative service offerings and products, included packaged offers inspired by ‘pay as you go’ models and Wi-Fi hotspots schemes, have already […]


Our vision of Marketing and Communication

Our vision of Marketing and Communication Reinventing the world for the best “In only one second, everything I’ve known was already gone”, people are more and more saying that our current society evolves very quickly. As a consequence, many changes have occurred everywhere, be it in the marketing, communication, customers’ management, the society in general… […]


Password Strategy

How to build and protect our passwords? WHAT THE METHODS TO CRACK A PASSWORD? a. Dictionary Attack To crack a password, the most popular method is the dictionary attack. It means the hacker has got a computerised dictionary and he will try all the combinations to crack the password. This method is very strong due […]


Eutelsat & Viasat: an unprecedented investment

Early February, the french company specialized in transmissions by satellite Eutelsat announced anassociation with its american counterpart Viasat. This association’s objective is a development of the transmissions by satellite in Europe. This project will be beneficial for Eutelsat which wasn’t at its best the last few years. However the growth in this sector exceeded 20% […]



Dear customers, you have been loyal to our company and we would like to thank you very much.We are constantly satisfied with you, so do not hesitate to send us your comments to improve our services to you. We hope you can always count on us. Among our best customers in 2016! AFRIKANET is pleased […]


Internship subject, 4 to 6 Months, Incentive and remuneration to good candidates

Dear Sir / Ms: Location for Internship:   OX14 3DB, Oxford, United Kingdom UK: Communication Task at AFRIKANET : ( 4 to 6 Months)  Help to Elaborate company Digital Marketing plan Implement Digital Marketing plan with Marketing and business team Use social Media (Facebook, tweeter, LinkedIn etc. …) to engage with prospect and increase Afrikanet visibility […]