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As fast as the speed of the light

6 May 2016
Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events

The Li-Fi is the improvement of the Wi-Fi, it use light to transfer data. You can create a personal network with a speed of 1 Go per second (100 times more faster than the Wi-Fi). this technology created in 2011 in Scotland at Edinburgh University.

This new way of transmission will mainly use to setup private network at home or in companies. it has a better security  than the Wi-Fi because the light doest not get through walls (more difficult to enter in this type of network). The LED used to transfer the signal is linked to an electronic card, they have a lifetime of 5 years and a half and they use few energies.

The electronic devices manage a range of 0 and 1, with it, the LED transfer the signal. It is turn off for a 0 and turn on for a 1. They switch at a high frequency like that you cannot see the change.

This fast, safe, ecological, economic new way of telecommunication is in testing. Afrikanet follow the technological progress because we can become a supplier of this type of network. I just wait how we can use this technology during the day because we turn off the light. Li-fi will be complementary to the Wi-Fi.

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