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4 August 2017

« Nous connectons le Camerounais au haut débit en 1h »

Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
Le président directeur général de GoSat explique ici le choix des régions de l’Ouest et du Littoral, non sans dévoiler sa stratégie de déploiement au Cameroun. Pourquoi avoir choisi les... [ See more ]
25 July 2017

GoSat mis à l’épreuve : Ne manquez pas cela !

Posted by:Maelle UK in News and Events
L’année 2017 marque un tournant dans l’histoire des télécommunications Camerounaise. En effet, à partir d’aujourd’hui une connexion internet de qualité ne sera plus un privilège. Grâce... [ See more ]
4 July 2017

Afrikanet unveils…GoSat! Our new solution to “Bring Africa worldwide”!

Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
Born from the partnership between Afrikanet and Konnect Africa, we are happy to introduce you our new product, GoSat – using the brand new technology HTS allowing connexion speed 20 times faster... [ See more ]
EUTELSAT, Cape Town, 14 November 2016.
30 June 2017

Eutelsat unveils ‘KONNECT AFRICA’ brand for satellite broadband venture

Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
A new identity for Eutelsat’s satellite broadband venture in advance of commercial launch of services in 2017 Cape Town, Paris, 15 November 2016 – Today’s launch at the Africacom... [ See more ]
Konnect Africa set to reshape the satellite broadband industry
19 June 2017

Konnect Africa set to reshape the satellite broadband industry

Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
London, 6th June 2017 - With new-generation services starting today in Benin, Cameroon, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Uganda, Konnect Africa is confirming its... [ See more ]
26 May 2017

Our vision of Marketing and Communication

Posted by:Maelle UK in News and Events
Our vision of Marketing and Communication Reinventing the world for the best “In only one second, everything I’ve known was already gone”, people are more and more saying that our current... [ See more ]
7 March 2017

Password Strategy

Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
How to build and protect our passwords? WHAT THE METHODS TO CRACK A PASSWORD? a. Dictionary Attack To crack a password, the most popular method is the dictionary attack. It means the hacker has... [ See more ]
24 February 2017

Eutelsat & Viasat: an unprecedented investment

Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
Early February, the french company specialized in transmissions by satellite Eutelsat announced anassociation with its american counterpart Viasat. This association's objective is a development of... [ See more ]
14 December 2016


Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
Dear customers, you have been loyal to our company and we would like to thank you very much.We are constantly satisfied with you, so do not hesitate to send us your comments to improve our services... [ See more ]
30 November 2016

Internship subject, 4 to 6 Months, Incentive and remuneration to good candidates

Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
Dear Sir / Ms: Location for Internship:   OX14 3DB, Oxford, United Kingdom UK: Communication Task at AFRIKANET : ( 4 to 6 Months)  Help to Elaborate company Digital Marketing... [ See more ]
Go in green with Afrikanet and our Solar energy solutions !
11 November 2016


Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
AFRIKANET ACADEMY est spécialisée dans les formations telles que le vsat, la vidéosurveillance et les énergies renouvelables au profit des jeunes de par le monde entier en général et... [ See more ]
10 November 2016


Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
Welcome to the 12th Edition of the Africa Women Cup of Nations in Cameroon. As Usual Afrikanet supports sporting events, thus offers you every possibility to follow up live matches online or News... [ See more ]
8 November 2016


Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
Africa, more than any other place, has been the great stage for innovation, and the focuses of extraordinary rising great power like never before in its history. Vagelis Antoniadis, Owner at Cytech... [ See more ]
21 October 2016


Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
As days unfold, Technology evolves and the world is gradually becoming a global village through several discoveries and innovations in all sectors. Since the discovery of the solar PV technology,... [ See more ]
17 October 2016


Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
The telecommunication world is experiencing a great deal of change and growth nowadays; new technologies are sprouting up from left and right to meet the hungry technological needs of this present... [ See more ]
28 September 2016


Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
AFRIKANET, through its academy; ‘‘AFRIKANET ACADEMY’’ organized a GVF HOST B Training Session in Yaoundé, Cameroon, on the 15th of September 2016, for VSAT technicians in Central Africa. The... [ See more ]
27 September 2016


Posted by:admin in Our Projects
In order to maintain a standard of operation, the Ivorian National Bank “CNCE” (LA CAISSE NATIONALE DES CAISSES D’EPARGNE) called upon the expertise of Afrikanet for an interconnection of their... [ See more ]
13 September 2016

Zuckerberg eating “couscous” with hands in Africa

Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
Facebook owner, Zuckerberg sets social media abuzz after eating with bare hands Facebook founder. Mark Zuckerberg, who is the sixth richest person in the world with an estimated $54.2 billion... [ See more ]


Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
During the first visit of Mark Zuckerberg to Sub-Saharan Africa, Facebook CEO, first stopped at Nigeria where he visited the local innovation center and tech hub in Yaba, an area on the mainland of... [ See more ]
7 September 2016

It is Africa that will build the world of tomorrow “Mark Zuckerberg”

Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
  On the occasion of his visit first visit to sub-Saharan Africa; Nigeria and Kenya, the founder of the American social network “Facebook”, Mark Zuckerberg has once again expressed his belief... [ See more ]
2 June 2016

WAKAminiVSAT : use it !

Posted by:TFK Hermann in Products & Services
  Top 5 reasons to use : WAKAminiVSAT! WAKAminiVSAT, What’s that? WAKAminiVSAT is a product range providing Internet by satellite. The system is the same as the VSAT... [ See more ]
9 May 2016

Facebook wants to revolutionize internet acces in Africa !

Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are getting involved in African development through Internet broadband. The Facebook CEO is planning to reduce internet access costs on different frequencies including... [ See more ]
6 May 2016

As fast as the speed of the light

Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
The Li-Fi is the improvement of the Wi-Fi, it use light to transfer data. You can create a personal network with a speed of 1 Go per second (100 times more faster than the Wi-Fi). this technology... [ See more ]

Interconnect all your offices , it’s possible

Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
In Zimbabwe, a renowned bank has used Matrix Gateway Solution to interconnect its offices to facilitate communication between office and with customers, but also to decrease the cost of the... [ See more ]

How to get ready for a tradeshow

Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
Learn how to prepare for an event through our experience in Cabsat. Cabsat is an international satellite and broadcast event taking place in Dubai every year allowing the industry to gather in order... [ See more ]

Debris in space

Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
Some debris of satellite or rocket is in orbit of the Earth. This debris cannot be located radio system therefore debris can hit a satellite when the satellite is moving. To prevent collisions, we... [ See more ]

Watch what you want, where you want, when you want

Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events
Network structures in Africa is evolving  and it is a promising market for new technologies. Nowadays , you can have access to internet everywhere in Africa through different channels  like Vsat,... [ See more ]

New way to connect to Internet

Posted by:TFK Hermann in Non classé
BRIDGESAT INC. and Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC made an agreement to create an optical (optical beam) communication system from the satellite to proprietary network ground. This project aims to... [ See more ]
6 February 2016

Un chaleureux encouragement du Président Obama

Posted by:admin in News and Events
Le président Obama est venu au kenya pour promouvoir un accès aux énergie renouvelable et encourager les jeunes entrepreneurs dans les pays d’Afrique. Il en a profite pour rendre visite à... [ See more ]
5 February 2016

Solar Power comes to the Show Room

Posted by:admin in News and Events
The new kind of solar product is now available in the Afrikanet’s Showroom in Cameroun. Soon, you could fit out your house with solar light or save money adding solar panels at your electric... [ See more ]
4 February 2016

Arrivage de produits solaire au Shoowroom d’Afrikanet

Posted by:admin in News and Events
La nouvelle gamme de produits solaire est dès maintenant présente au Showroom d’Afrikanet au Cameroun. Prochainement, il vous sera possible d’équiper votre maison de lampe fonctionnant à... [ See more ]
22 January 2016

Full Virtual Immersion : Next step in Technology

Posted by:admin in News and Events
Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user beyond belief and accepts it as a real environment. On a computer, virtual reality is primarily... [ See more ]
7 January 2016

Internet evolution in Africa

Posted by:admin in News and Events
Since the beginning of the century, we have seen an incredible growth of the Internet worldwide. Indeed, the number of users over the past 15 years has exploded, from 360 millions 985 492, the 31... [ See more ]
23 December 2015

Solar Power : The future

Posted by:admin in News and Events
Cameroon’s Energy minister, Basile Antangana, signed with several French industrials a protocol about funding, construction and management of up to 300 MegaWatts solar power almost everywhere in... [ See more ]

4G in Gabon and Cameroon

Posted by:admin in Our Projects
One year after, the 4G‘s appearance in Gabon by Gabon Telecom, it’s the turn for Airtel Gabon to enter the 4G sector in November 2015. The launch has certainly improved web navigation,... [ See more ]
25 November 2015

What happened with Amos 5!

Posted by:admin in News and Events
Something wrong happened on Saturday above the Earth! Contact with the Israeli communications satellite Amos 5 was lost on Saturday 21th November. Launched in 2011, Amos 5 was in geostationary orbit... [ See more ]
26 October 2015

Mobile Hotspot Printer: The device you need !

Posted by:admin in Products & Services
Do you want to share your connection with your neighbors or develop your business? Our Mobile hotspot is THE solution. Ours habits are more and more dependent on telecommunication devices which... [ See more ]
16 October 2015


Posted by:admin in Our Projects
OVERVIEW Africa’s issue with low health care access is serious: one quarter of the global burden of disease is located in the African continent. However, Africa counts only 3% of the... [ See more ]

[Trick/Astuce] What is a cookie? Qu’est ce qu’un cookie?

Posted by:admin in Technology : how to use it ?
What is a cookie ? A cookie is a text file which is hiding itself in the hard disk without you seeing it. But how is it working? Let’s imagine you want to buy a new pair of shoes, you are... [ See more ]
7 October 2015

AFRIKANET offering internet connectivity solution to car races

Posted by:admin in Our Projects
OVERVIEW Among all car races, Paris-Dakar is one of the most famous. Since 1978, this car race has gathered a lot of drivers and even more fans. Originally going from Paris to Dakar, the race... [ See more ]
15 June 2015

AZTELCO, new customer for AFRIKANET

Posted by:admin in Our Projects
AZTELCO is an engineering office based in Paris, FRANCE and specialized in the field of telecommunications, new information and communications technology, present for 40 years in Africa. AZTELCO... [ See more ]

Why choose Video surveillance for your business ?

Posted by:admin in Products & Services
CCTV systems enable fixed or mobile monitoring to government agencies, municipalities and businesses. These systems facilitate the capture, analysis, sharing and storing video. By... [ See more ]
22 May 2015

The importance of Internet Today…

Posted by:admin in Products & Services
What Happens online in 60 seconds ? We can see that all over the year Internet becomes more and more important to people. More and more people tend to use the internet more often. This data are true... [ See more ]

Visite d’Etat du Président de la République Ivoirien et 1er conseil des Ministres

Posted by:admin in News and Events
Ce mercredi 20, le président Ivoirien Alassane OUATTARA est arrivée à Odienné pour  le 1er conseil des ministres. Nous sommes heureux d’avoir pu aider au bon déroulement de ce conseil en... [ See more ]
14 May 2015

AFRIKANET helps UNFPA in Bangui – Central African Republic!

Posted by:admin in Our Projects
One of the world’s poorest countries, the Central African Republic has struggled under repeated political crisis which have resulted in conflict and instability. UNFPA is based in the country since... [ See more ]

Hotspot in the neighborhood

Posted by:admin in Technology : how to use it ?
Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming the preferred mode of internet connection all over the world. Wireless technology has widely spread lately and you can get connected almost anywhere; at home, at... [ See more ]

What is a VSAT ? / Qu’est ce que le VSAT ?

Posted by:admin in Technology : how to use it ?
The Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) is a satellite communications system that is used to connect remote sites to International hubs in order to access the internet or share data within a company... [ See more ]

Case Study: The US Embassy in DRC – Etude de cas: L’ambassade Americaine en RDC

Posted by:admin in Our Projects
A dedicated fast and reliable Internet connection is necessary for the Public Diplomacy of the US Embassy in Democratic Republic of Congo to provide the local population with updated information on... [ See more ]

Hello world!

Posted by:admin in Uncategorized
Dear bloggers, My name is Celia, and it is with great pleasure that I announce that I am once again a member of Afrikanet, a growing company that aims to reduce the digital divide between the... [ See more ]

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